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Castles, sharp roof houses

Houses with sharp roofs, curved and amorphous shapes, tall castles and towers have an extraordinary effect on those who have never seen such. The series offers fantastic game prospects full to the brim with adventure opportunities for young princesses and princes who want to explore every corner of the castle. Playing side by side in an imaginary world helps children develop both social and cognitive creative skills. This is a real-life tale where the play is very real. Ramps, paths, slides, different levels of passage, this is a real experience and a great way for initial and not only impressions of the world around children now and for the future. The charm of the houses with a high roof and great functionality challenges the children to play. The combination of bridges, towers, slides, platforms, ramps, lots of rope and decorative elements create a pleasant atmosphere. Even installing only a few elements, the series creates a community atmosphere in which young children learn to communicate, developing language skills and an understanding of sharing, as well as the need to make decisions while negotiating free passage across bridges and cobwebs.

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